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Ciner Group

Ciner Group

The companies that separately own media outlets under Ciner Group are Park Holding A.Ş., Ciner Yayın Holding A.Ş., Ciner Medya Yatırımları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. and Ciner Görsel Televizyon Prodüksiyon A.Ş. Ciner Görsel is owned by Ciner Medya Yatırımları (99.6%) which is owned by Ciner Yayın Holding (99.9%) which is owned by Turgay Ciner (100%). “Park Holding has a capital of over 600 million Turkish Liras and is one of Ciner Group's core companies Park Holding has a capital is over 600 million Turkish Liras and is one of Ciner Group's core companies. In July 2015 Turgay Ciner became the only shareholder.

The media firm Ciner Yayın Holding A.Ş. is owned entirely by Turgay Ciner and has 210 million Turkish Liras in the capital. Ciner Medya Yatırımları (Ciner Media Investments) has a capital of 227 million Turkish Liras and is owned entirely by Turgay Ciner. The company is the main shareholder of the company (C Görsel Yayınlar A.Ş.) that owns Bloomberg HT as well. It was founded in 2007 and is allowed to make strategic decisions for the companies' new investments in media.

Owned entirely by Turgay Ciner, Ciner Görsel TV Prodüksiyon A.Ş. firm has a capital worth of 320 thousand Turkish Liras. The company has all of the shares of 'AKS Televizyon Reklamcılık' that owns SHOW TV. Ciner group has major energy and mining investments as well as privatizations of coal mines and coal plants.

According to the Trade Registry Gazette dated 30 December 2020, the capital of the company is 4 billion 570 million. The capital increase of 4 billion liras belongs to its partner of the group, Park Holding.

Ciner Media Group explained that it decided to end print edition of Habertürk due to the financial issues. The final edition of the newspaper was published on July 6, 2018. Haberturk daily continues to be published via

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Joint stock company

Business Sectors

Energy and Mining; Construction; Medical; Tourism; Ports, Sea and Air Transport; Insurance; Glass Manufacturing


Individual Owner

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other TV Outlets

Show TV (6.74%), Habertürk, Bloomberg HT, Show Max, Show Turk

Other Radio Outlets

Habertürk Radyo, Bloomberg HT Radyo

Other Online Outlets,,,


Media Business

Media Business

Production | C Yapım Filmcilik
Ciner Yayın Holding
TV | Show TV, Habertürk TV, Bloomberg HT, Show Max, Show Turk
Radio| Habertürk Radyo, Bloomberg HT Radyo
Digital |,


Energy and Mining | Park Technique, Park Electric, Silopi Electric, Park Wholesale Electric, Konya Ilgın Electric
Glass and Chemicals | Eti Soda, Ciner Resources LP, Kazan Soda Electric, Park Glass
Shipping | Ciner Shipping, Park Shipping
Other | Kasımpaşa Sports, Ciner Aviation, Havaş Tourism, Larespark Hotel, Denmar Warehousing, Park Insurance

General Information

Founding Year



Turgay Ciner

Affiliated Interests Founder

Born in 1956 in Artvin, Turgay Ciner is the owner of Ciner Holding, a mega corporation with investments in media, mining, energy, real estate and tourism; including Eti Soda, one of the world's largest soda ash ore deposits. In 2013, Ciner's net worth is estimated to be around $1.36 billion and he was listed as number 1367 on Forbes' list of the world's billionaires in 2016. He entered media in the late 90s with Sabah newspaper. He founded Habertürk newspaper in 2009. Ciner Group closed Habertürk newspaper in 2018 by citing financial problems.

In 2013, he grew his media enterprise by acquiring Show TV from the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey (TMSF) who had seized it from Çukurova Group. He's also the owner of Kasımpaşa Spor Kulübü, which has a stadium named after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.




Paşalimanı Caddesi No:41 Paşalimanı Üsküdar 34670 İstanbulTel.: +90 216 531 2400, Website:

Abdülhakhamit Cad. No:25 Beyoğlu İstanbul, Tel.: +90 212 313 6000Website:

Tax/ ID Number

Trade Registry number Ciner Yayin Holding A.S. – 638914Trade Registry number Ciner Medya Yatırımları – 638625Trade Registry number Ciner Görsel Televizyon Prodüksiyon A.Ş. - 652380

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)


Operating Profit (in Mill. $)


Advertising (in % of total funding)



Executive Board

Turgay Ciner – Park Holding Head of the Board of Directors
Didem Ciner - Vice Chair of Ciner Holding
Mehmet Kenan Tekdağ – Ciner Yayın Holding Chair of the Board of Directors

Mehmet Fatih Saraç – Ciner Yayın Holding Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Saraç is a businessperson who has been active in chain supermarkets. His move to Ciner Yayın Holding (the media group) as the vice chair of the board in 2012 raised a lot of controversy. In various alleged phone leaks, then Prime Minister Erdoğan scolds Saraç for publishing various content, during Gezi protests and during the corruption scandal of December 2013. He has been the subject of various corruption claims raised by CHP Parliament Member Atilla Kart and claimed to be the "secret boss" of the media group, placed there by Erdoğan. His father Emin Saraç is a well-known Islamic scholar who has close ties with Erdoğan.

Other Influential People

Veyis Ateş

Charged with leading a criminal organization, Sedat Peker started broadcasting on his YouTube channel and posting tweets on his Twitter account on May 2, 2021, which gave rise to new allegations about the state-media-mafia relationship. One of these allegations was about Veyis Ateş, the presenter of evening news on Habertürk TV, which is affiliated with the Ciner Broadcasting Group. One of the allegations made by Peker was that Ateş acted as a mediator in Ankara for the owner of SBK Holding, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, who fled abroad after an arrest warrant was issued against him for money laundering. Regarding the allegation, Habertürk columnists Fatih Altaylı and Sevilay Yılman wrote that Sezgin Baran Korkmaz confirmed the allegations by calling them separately. In the articles that they wrote one day apart, the two columnists stated that Ateş asked Korkmaz for 10 million Euro to turn the situation in favor of him. Upon this claim, Ateş resigned from his position at Habertürk.

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Three group companies were researched in detail: Ciner Yayın Holding, Ciner Medya Yatırımları and Ciner Görsel Televizyon Prodüksiyon. Turgay Ciner's name appears in the Trade Registry Gazette as the owner of Ciner Yayın Holding. Websites of all media outlets owned by the group (Show TV, Habertürk, Bloomberg) clearly indicate Ciner group is the owner.

The news circulating claims that Ciner Group has started negotiations to sell We Soda Limited Company, the world's largest soda ash producer, which it bought in 2015, for 5 billion dollars (approximately 44 billion liras).

In some news published in 2021, it was pointed out that Turgay Ciner moved her investments to England, and it claimed that Ciner wants to withdraw completely from media investments.

In May 2021, Habertürk TV employees affiliated with Ciner Group were dismissed for criticizing MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli's statement regarding 100-article constitutional proposal. Turgay Ciner or group officials did not make a statement on this subject

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